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Fellowship Training Programme

Training Structure

Experience is also gained in all aspects of inpatient hospital management of both endocrine and diabetes disorders including peri-operative management and knowledge of diagnostic inpatient investigations.

All trainees should have the opportunity to attend and observe structured education courses such as DAFNE / BERTIE / DESMOND etc.


Research will be incorporated within the clinical training.

There are a wide range of opportunities for research in a supportive and enjoyable environment within the various hospitals and we have strong academic departments within the Hammersmith Hospital, including a full range of cell and molecular biology laboratories. The laboratory is internationally renowned for its work on gut hormones, carbohydrate metabolism, hypothalamic control mechanisms and regulation of cell growth.

At ICLDC research is directed to the high prevalence of diabetes in the UAE. In particular, research is being conducted to explain the reasons for the high numbers, aiming to find mechanisms to slow down and even reverse the trend.

All fellows are expected to become involved with research activities and to publish at least one case report per year. All are encouraged to present their work at a regional or national professional meetings.


This is a 3 year fellowship training programme. The programme will follow the JRCPTB Diabetes and Endocrinology curriculum.

The trainee will spend two years rotating between the Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust Sites (Hammersmith, Charing Cross and St Mary's Hospitals. One year will be spent in the UAE, with six months at a SEHA hospital and six months at ICLDC.

Trainees will be able to develop their personal development plans and chart their training progress, ensuring they are gaining the appropriate experiences. This contributes to appraisal, self-assessment, self-directed learning and educational meetings.

Trainers will be able to ensure their trainees are developing in the correct areas and ensure their teaching covers the right areas. It will also help them complete their appraisal.


Charing Cross Hospital

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Brain Injury Clinic or SPR ward round X-Ray meeting Consultant ward round SPR Ward round SPR ward round Endocrine Results Review Post pituitary surgery patients
lanch     Grand round Journal Club  
PM Diabetes Clinic Thyroid MDT Endocrine Clinic Post endocrine meeting Review Inpatient referrals Admin Work New Endocrine Clinic Administrative work

Hammersmith Hospital

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM SPR ward Round Metabolic Bone clinic or thyroid clinic Fertility clinic XRay meeting Consultant ward round Endocrine results meeting Diabetes clinic
lanch   Pituitary MDT once a month Grand round Journal Club Diabetes foot MDT
PM Audit / Research Thyroid MDT 5pm In-patient Referrals Endocrine Clinic (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia clinic) New patient Endocrine clinic Post clinic meeting Administrative work

St Mary's Hospital

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Diabetic clinic / Endocrine clinic Endocrine clinic Antenatal diabetic clinic Diabetic clinic Endocrine clinic
lanch Endocrine Result Meeting MDT pituitary Journal Club Ground round  
PM Thyroid clinic (MDT setting) 3rd week/month Growth Hormone clinic Adolescent Diabetic clinic Or Lipid clinic 4th week/month Neuroendocine clinic Foot Clinic (MDT setting) Metabolic Bone clinic Osteoporosis Clinic


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Diabetic clinic Diabetic clinic Diabetic clinic Research / Audit Diabetic renal clinic
lanch     Case discussion (MDT 3 centres including Imperial London) Journal Club  
PM Diabetes clinic Diabetes pump clinic ( Dr Amani) Diabetic clinic Diabetes Eyes clinic Fellowship Teaching And radiology teaching Research / Audit Foot clinic Diabetic clinic


Tawam Hospital:

There are a wide range of training opportunities in Tawam hospital, affording experience in both general and sub-specialty aspects of diabetes and endocrinology. Experience is also gained in all aspects of inpatient hospital management of both endocrine and diabetes disorders including peri-operative management and knowledge of diagnostic inpatient investigations.

Fellows are expected to participate in In-patient diabetes and endocrine ward rounds, in patient consultations and the diabetes and endocrine on-calls service which will also include the out of hour service. General medicine on calls will be kept to a bare minimum.

There is plenty of opportunity for continuous learning and you are encouraged to attend the teaching programmes, they include:

  • Endocrine Journal Club (bi-weekly) generally focuses on controversial topics and new therapies. You will be expected to participate in presentations
  • Pituitary Disorders MDT meeting Monthly, last Thursday- of the month
  • Thyroid Cancer MDT meeting Monthly,Third Wednesday of the month,with occasional cases added to the weekly Wednesday
  • Head & Neck MDT meeting; the fellow will be notified in advance of those cases Tawam Hospital Core Faculty

CSII 'insulin pump therapy'CSII staff >>> 3 CDE's

Volunteer Faculty: We have over 10 consultants and senior clinicians who will provide interdisciplinary endocrine & diabetes related education (GIM, surgery, ob/gyn, oncology; paediatrics and radiology-Nuclear Medicine and interventional radiology)

Education Opportunities

Trainees attend a dedicated teaching programme in diabetes and endocrinology consisting of 12 half days per year covering all aspects of the JRCPTB Curriculum and are delivered by Education Trainers. This is hosted at various hospitals. Individual trusts also run regular training programmes which trainees are encouraged to attend.

There are also a number of excellent educational events that take place in the UAE and the UK. These include:

  • Insulin Pump Course (Held once a year at Charing Cross Hospital)
  • Imperial MRCP SCE (Designed to prepare trainees for the Specialty Certificate Examination) in Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium (MES)
  • Advanced Diabetes Conference (ICLDC Abu Dhabi)
  • Foundation course in diabetes
  • Young Diabetologists Forum annual day
  • Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference
  • British Endocrine Society Annual Meeting
  • Association of British Clinical Diabetologists meeting
  • Society for Endocrinology Clinical Update
  • International meeting such as EASD,ECE,AES,ADA
  • Management course
  • National Obesity Forum or International Society for study of Obesity meeting

Audit teaching

All trusts have an actively supported programme of auditing; Trainees are expected to undertake an audit and are actively supported to do so.

Endocrine & diseases

Endocrine and metabolic diseases are some of the most commonly encountered medical conditions in the United Arab Emirates. They are increasing in prevalence and impact in terms of health of the nation, emphasising the need to continue to strive towards improved health care delivery in this speciality. Endocrine diseases and diabetes affect every physiological system of the body determining that specialists enjoy a wide range of skills and expertise and make a major contribution to general medicine in its broadest sense.

Endocrinology and diabetes is a broad ranging subject and therefore an enticing one for trainees and consultants alike since it encompasses basic mechanisms of physiology and pharmacology coupled with the ability to improve quality of life and long-term outcomes through effective disease control, and often cure.

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