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Diabetes Self Management Goals

All you need to know about diabetes including its signs, causes, risk factors, complications and tips to manage the condition.

Goal 1 Goal 1

I will work hard to lower my HbA1c level and I will get an HbA1c test done every three to six months.

Goal 2 Goal 2

I will be physically active by exercising or walking regularly.

Goal 3 Goal 3

I will follow my healthy balanced diet and low fat diet to reduce my blood sugar and cholesterol.

Goal 4 Goal 4

If I have gained weight, I will follow the active advice my doctor or healthcare providers has given me.

Goal 5 Goal 5

I will check my blood sugar as instructed by my doctor or healthcare providers.

Goal 6 Goal 6

I will endeavour to stop smoking.

Goal 7 Goal 7

I will have an eye exam done every year or as indicated by my doctor.

Goal 8 Goal 8

I will remind my doctor to check my bare feet at least once per year.

Goal 9 Goal 9

I will get a flu shot this autumn and a pneumonia vaccine if I have not had one.

Goal 10 Goal 10

I will schedule for an appointment with my doctor or healthcare providers when I am having trouble reaching my goals.

Please note the following targets:

Target A

Target B

Target C

HbA1c <7%

Blood pressure <140/90

LDL Cholesterol <2.56mmol/l

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