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Structured Education Programme

ICLDC’s  Structured Education Programme aims to empower people with type 1 diabetes with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their diabetes on a daily basis.

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Structured Education Programme

Date 21-22 February
Format 2-Day event with ICLDC speakers consisting of 13 sessions
Venue ICLDC’s Structured Education Programme will be delivered Online, Via Microsoft Teams. The link to access the 2-Day event will be shared with those who registered by emailing
Audience Adult ICLDC patients with Type 1 diabetes
Lead Doctor(s) & SEP Team Dr Alero Adjene, Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist
Dr Heba El Gayar, Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist
Tomader Ali, Manager, Diabetic Education
Manar Abu-Asaba, Diabetes Educator
Reem Khoury, Senior Dietitian and Diabetes Educator
Hiba Jodeh, Diabetes Educator
Farhiya Yusuf, Structured Education Programme Coordinator and Diabetes Educator
Registration details To register for ICLDC’s Structured Education Programme please email and provide your
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • ICLDC patient number


Time Day 1 Day 2
12:00-12:15 Start teams link & candidates online & pre-test questions completed Start teams link & candidates online & pre-test questions completed
12:15-12:30 SESSION 1 Introduction to ICLDC Structured Education Programme (10) SESSION 8 Insulin Dose Adjustment (60)
12:30 -13:00 SESSION 2 What is Diabetes? (25) SESSION 8 Insulin Dose Adjustment (60)
13:00 -13:30 SESSION 3 Insulin Therapy (25) SESSION 9 Hyperglycaemia
13:30 Break Break
13:45-14:30 SESSION 4 Assessing Control - Glucose Monitoring Workshop (60) SESSION 10 Hyperglycaemia & Sick Days (60)
14:30-15:00 SESSION 5 Healthy Eating and Carbohydrates (30) SESSION 11 Diabetes &Ramadan
15:00 Break Break
15:15-16:00 SESSION 6 Carbohydrates Fibre & Glycemic Index (30) SESSION 12 Pregnancy & Type 1 Diabetes (60)
16:00-17:00 SESSION 7 Carbohydrate Counting (60) SESSION 13 Living with Type 1 Diabetes – Emotional & Behavioural aspects (60)
17:00 End End

Patients & Visitors

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