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Imperial College London Diabetes Centre is committed to a holistic approach to diabetes and its complications with research oriented towards a greater comprehensive understanding of the condition, its causes and its treatment.

Our Research Institute

ICLDC conducts world-class basic, clinical, genetic and epidemiological research, mainly focusing on diabetes in the UAE. However, other health-related issues such as cardiovascular disease and obesity are also studied. The research focuses on explaining the high prevalence of diabetes and obesity in the country with the aim of identifying mechanisms to slow down and reverse the trend.

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ICLDC Repository

In 2013, the ICLDC Repository, a research tissue bank for the storage and management of biological samples linked to clinical data, was established. The Repository is led by Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi and is the first research tissue bank in the emirate of Abu Dhabi approved by the Department of Health.

Patients who come to the Centre for their medical care may consent to have additional samples collected from them to add to the Repository. Since the Repository recruited its first participant in 2013, it has had over 6,000 participants consent to their samples being used.

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Conference Proceedings

Browse through our diabetes research contributions presented at prominent local, regional and international scientific conferences over the years.

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Browse through our collection of cutting-edge publications in peer-reviewed journals that highlights our commitment to advancing diabetes research.

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  • Projectclinic Min

    Clinical research studies focus on human health and well-being through identifying novel ways to treat, cure or prevent illness.

  • Projectgenetic Min

    Genetic research studies examine genes, the instructions in our DNA which control how the body is built. Genetic diseases are often inherited and can affect multiple members of a family.