Having diabetes does not automatically imply the failure of your eyes or loss of vision. Modern advancements have brought forth numerous advanced treatments that can effectively safeguard your vision for an extended period. Our highly trained medical professionals and staff possess extensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of eye diseases associated with diabetes.

Through our collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre, a branch of Moorfields London our patients are able to access ophthalmic care at all levels of complexity.  

Treatment and Services

Our Ophthalmology team consists of experienced and highly trained ophthalmologists, nurses, optometrists, as well as retinal graders who can help reduce the risk of ocular complications, such as diabetic retinopathy through our retinal screening programme. The programme helps identify eye related problems resulting from diabetes early on thus resulting in timely and effective treatment.

Our consultant ophthalmologists offer the latest treatments for diabetic retinopathy through the most up to date intravitreal injections and retinal laser using advanced  retinal scanning and imaging technology. In addition to specialised retinal services, we also offer general ophthalmology services such as the management of glaucoma  including visual field testing, as well as optometry services.

Through our collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi, our patients have access to a vast range of ophthalmology treatments and surgical interventions, including those for retinal or corneal conditions, strabismus, laser and refractive procedures, glaucoma, cataract, genetic eye diseases, oculoplastics, visual electrophysiology, and support for artificial eye needs.


The Ophthalmology department at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre is also accredited by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for civil aviation eye exams to assess and treat flight crew.


Our Specialist Doctors

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Healthcare professionals working with one another across all clinical and support services to achieve the best possible results for our patients.