Dr. Ossama El Haddad

Dr. Ossama El Haddad

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Al Ain
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Dr. Ossama El Haddad is a vastly experienced ophthalmologist who devoted all of his career to the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University, helping it develop into one of the largest and leading hospitals in North Africa.

Over four decades, Dr. Ossama combined clinical work with teaching and he has an extended experience in interpretation of fundus fluorescein angiography and optical coherence tomography.

He taught thousands of medical students, while helping to found the masters and doctorate courses for ophthalmology at Alexandria University.

He also headed the Ophthalmology unit at the university’s hospital.

Dr. Ossama has a long standing interest in diabetes and the eyes. His doctorate degree thesis was about laser treatment in diabetic retinopathy. He published various papers in the different domains of ophthalmology and headed a good number of meetings and conferences in the subspecialty of medical retina.

More recently, in 2015 he founded the diabetes and the eye unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, bringing much needed expertise in diabetes care to Egypt.

Dr. Ossama joined ICLDC in 2018.


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