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Imperial College London Diabetes Centre Hosts Seventh Advanced Medicine Congress

18 May 2023
Abu Dhabi
  • The conference welcomed 574 participants from several UAE-based medical institutions
  • Participants were awarded two hours of Continued Medical Education (CME) accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi
  • Speakers for the event included experts from the Royal College of Physicians London, University of Surrey, King’s College Hospital, and Imperial College School of Medicine

Abu Dhabi, UAE; May 18, 2023: Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, a Mubadala Health partner, in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians, organised the seventh edition of the Advanced Medicine Congress (AMC) on May 5. The virtual event aimed to provide medical professionals with the latest knowledge and trends related to general medicine. The conference welcomed numerous participants from various UAE-based medical institutions, granting all attendees two Continued Medical Education (CME) hours accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

The event brought together leading minds from esteemed UK-based institutions such as the University of Surrey and Imperial College School of Medicine. Organised by Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, the event featured four talks around topics including the latest research on heart failure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and diabetes, chronic kidney disease and psychology in relation to multimorbidity.

“We believe that the key to advanced medicine is to ensure that all physicians and caregivers have access to the latest information regarding their own specialties as well as ones adjacent. For seven consecutive years, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre has been hosting the Advanced Medicine Congress, and each year, we have speakers present the latest research and industry practices for physicians to tune in to. Each edition has been curated specifically to address any pivotal upcoming research or topics that have yet to be addressed by the medical community. We are exceptionally happy to have hosted a stellar line-up of physicians and academics, who were able to address some of the most important subjects in clinical medicine.” said Dr Mai Al Jaber, Acting Executive Director at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre.

The opening remarks were given by Professor Amir Sam, the Head of Imperial College School of Medicine, UK, who welcomed the first speaker, Dr. Pegah Salahshouri, a Consultant Cardiologist from West Suffolk Hospital and Royal Papworth Hospital who discussed the most recent updates in heart failure. She spoke of medication that helps reduce the risk of heart failure and highlighted the importance of early intervention.

Dr. Salahshouri was followed by Dr. Martin Whyte, the Associate Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Surrey, UK, who shared insights about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), explaining that initial data proves that those with NAFLD improve after weight loss.

Dr. Andrew Frankel, Consultant Renal Physician at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK, presented next. He discussed topics like chronic kidney disease and how type 2 diabetes in the long term increases the risk of impaired kidney function. Dr. Frankel mentioned that the use of sodium-glucose cotransporter treatment is an effective way to address this issue in all patients, including those who are non-diabetic.

He was followed by Dr. Marilia Calcia, Consultant Psychiatrist at King’s College Hospital, London. Dr. Calcia presented studies around the psychology of multimorbidity, highlighting the adverse effects on mental health, such as poor self-management and decreased life expectancy in patients with diabetes. Dr. Calcia concluded her presentation by emphasizing that with proper support, patients can better manage their comorbidities.

Open to all physicians based in the UAE and abroad, the Advanced Medicine Congress provided a platform for the wider medical community to hear from experienced researchers and healthcare professionals on previously unexplored pressing topics. To enrol in future educational events, please visit the ICLDC website:

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