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Bariatric Surgery To Be Discussed At ICLDC

25 Aug 2013
Abu Dhabi

The pros and cons of bariatric surgery for patients with advanced-state diabetes comes under the spotlight at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre’s (ICLDC) upcoming Advanced Diabetes Conference in Abu Dhabi, September 20-21 2013.

Conference secretary, Dr Nader Lessan confirmed that the forum will take a ‘no-holds barred view’ with a cross-section of hot diabetes and endocrinology topics tabled, including bariatric surgery.

“We feel it is time for the for-and-against debate around bariatric surgery to be aired. We have designed the conference to be one-big conversation which will encourage interaction throughout the two days,” he said, noting that expert moderators will manage each session.

The bariatric surgery session is presented by leading expert Karim Meeran, Professor of Endocrinology at Imperial College London, and Chairman of ICLDC’s Medical Board.

“Bariatric surgery can enhance efforts to beat off diabetes. However, this does not take away from the smart, simple fact that a healthy lifestyle is both effective and essential,” he said.

Professor Meeran will share details of ongoing research that shows how bariatric surgery influences the hormones that control hunger and eating.

“A balanced diet, alongside daily, brisk exercise, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and bariatric surgery changes the hormones that affect hunger. After surgery, you feel less hungry and thus lose weight.”

He gave numerous examples of patients losing 20 kilograms in 20 weeks.

“It offers hope to many who struggle with finding their optimum food intake, so much so that demand is set to explode in the next few years.”

However, Professor Meeran stressed that that the operation must only be used when appropriate.
"Surgery comes with risks and side effects and should only be used for specific cases. Interestingly, research is showing that patients who are living with diabetes and obesity benefit from bariatric surgery more than those who are obese only."

Other trending topics for discussion include thyroid disorders, renal complications, diabetes in children, as well as the challenges associated with eye care and diabetes. Vision quality is fast becoming a hot topic attracting headlines across the UAE in relation to traffic incidences and driving license issuance.

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