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Capital’s Doctors Go Back-to-School for UK-led Thyroid Masterclass

17 Oct 2018
Abu Dhabi

Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) will host, as part of its ongoing education series, continuing medical education (CME) workshops for physicians on the topic of thyroid management, an essential health concern for many diabetic patients in the UAE. The workshops are accredited by the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi for 4.75 CME hours.

The inaugural ‘thyroid masterclass’ will bring together specialists from the UK to discuss with UAE-based general and specialist physicians the latest trends and developments in thyroid clinical management, to include thyroid nodules, disorders, surgery, and thyroid in pregnancy.

A properly functioning thyroid is essential to the regulation of the body’s metabolism.  It there is dysfunction of the thyroid in a diabetic patient, blood glucose control can become a serious issue, and, thus, put the patient’s health in great jeopardy.

Lawrence Patrick, Chief Executive Officer at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre said: “The most effective way for physicians to manage diabetes among our communities’ diabetics is to stay abreast of the very latest treatment protocols, globally proven approaches to clinical management of the condition.  This thyroid masterclass content is essential learning for the UAE’s leading general and specialist physicians treating one of the most insidious health ailments in our country.”

The masterclass will be held on 19 October, from 9am to 4pm, at the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre on Abu Dhabi’s Khaleej Al Arabi street, and Department of Health Abu Dhabi will award CME credits to participating physicians.

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