Dr. Fawaz Al Aboudi

Consultant, Family Medicine

Al Ain

Dr. Fawaz Al Aboudi has nearly two decades of experience as a consultant family physician in the UAE.

He has expertise in bronchial asthma and is well renowned in the UAE for reading  the results of the Electrocardiography (ECG) test, a check that measures the health of the heart using electrodes placed on the skin.

Dr. Al Aboudi has devoted much of his career to medical education.

As chairman of the training development committee at Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Dr. Al Aboudi oversaw  the continuing education of junior doctors.

For his work in medical education Dr. Al Aboudi was the winner of the Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award 2013, an honour which recognises professionals who have contributed to the improvement and enhancement of the healthcare system.

Dr. Al Aboudi joined Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in 2017.

Language Spoken: English and Arabic

Speciality: Diabetes

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