Diabetes Remission

Diabetes Remission

Type 2 diabetes is not necessarily permanent. There is increasing evidence to show that people who are overweight or obese can achieve remission – in other words, they no longer have type 2 diabetes, they get normal results on their HbA1c diabetes tests, and they do not need diabetes medications.

The diabetes remission programme at ICLDC, tackles type 2 diabetes with a tailored weight loss program. The aim of this programme is to bring individuals with type 2 diabetes into remission, and thereby prevent or delay any associated complications while increasing the individual’s life expectancy.

At ICLDC, we offer two non-surgical options to help achieve remission, both aimed at enabling individuals to lose at least 15kg:

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Very low-calorie meal- replacement programme

A study called DiRECT, short for Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial, showed that 86% of patients who had lost at least 15kg using very low-calorie meal replacements achieved type 2 diabetes remission. Our low-calorie meal-replacement service is very similar to that of the DiRECT trial programme.

In the first 12 weeks, you will be prescribed low-calorie meal replacements in the form of four soups or shakes, amounting to a total of 850 calories a day. From week 13 onwards, we will gradually reintroduce healthy food into the diet to maintain weight loss in the long term.

This programme has been shown to be effective in maintaining diabetes remission for at least two years.

Low-carbohydrate (low-carb) programme

Following a low-carbohydrate diet has been shown to improve blood-glucose control, blood pressure and lipid profiles in adults with type 2 diabetes. Our low-carb programme helps you to eat a healthy, balanced diet while reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Studies have shown that a low-carb programme can achieve a substantial weight loss, reduce the risk of diabetes complications and improve the chances of putting type 2 diabetes into remission.

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