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World Diabetes Day

Throughout November, a month dedicated globally to Diabetes Awareness, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre urges members of the community to take charge of their health!

Did you know that globally, almost 1 in 2 adults with diabetes remain undiagnosed? That’s roughly about 240 million people! And the majority of these have type 2 diabetes.

Undetected and untreated, diabetes can lead to potentially life-threatening complications, and the fact that so many people live with the disease unknowingly is what needs to change. The good news is that majority of undiagnosed cases, are related to type 2 diabetes which can be prevented by adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This year for World Diabetes Day, we're encouraging YOU to know your risk, so that YOU can know your response.

Click the buttons below to begin your journey  to a healthy life:

Know your risk of type 2 diabetes Top 10 tips to prevent type 2 diabetes

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