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Mariam Hamad Al Shamsi

Senior Clinical Dietitian
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Mariam Hamad Al Shamsi is a Senior Clinical Dietitian with more than 12 years of experience including areas such as nutrition education, counselling, clinical support, meal planning and data analysis,. She helps clients achieve excellent long-term success in their health goals by providing nutritional support and therapeutic diets.  

Mariam graduated from UAE University with Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and a Master’s degree in Public Health in year 2020. She is a licensed dietitian (DOH), and is licensed by the American Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) as an international coach, professional coach and Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) lifestyle coach. In 2022, Mariam acquired the Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) Certification, an internationally recognised standard of obesity management expertise. 

Prior to joining ICLDC, Mariam’s roles included working at the General Headquarters of Armed Forces and in the National Service. She has also attended and presented at many food and nutrition conferences and events. 

Mariam’s unique combination of holistic and clinical experience means she can offer an alternative approach to modern nutrition coaching.

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