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Salama Saeed AL Faresi

Clinical Dietitian
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Salama Saeed Al Faresi is a Dietitian at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, a Mubadala Health partner, with more than 7 years’ experience.   

In her role she uses evidence-based nutrition to improve the lives of patients, as well as expert counselling across treatment plans and progress monitoring. 

Salama graduated from UAE University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, in 2013. She is a licensed dietitian (DoH) and has an Insulin Pump Training certification (Roche 2015), certification of Diabetes a Global Challenge (University of Copenhagen, 2016), and has completed courses at the American Association of Diabetes Educators, 2020).

She has also completed multiple training courses and workshops that support her work with diabetic patients including workshops on adult, adolescent and childhood obesity, sport nutrition and eating behaviours. 

Salama is also SCOPE-certified from the World Obesity Federation, 2021.  

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