Dr. Riyada Oweis

Dr. Riyada Oweis

Consultant Family Medicine
Abu Dhabi
Language Spoken
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After obtaining her Family Medicine Board Certificate in Jordan, Dr. Riyada has more than 15 years experience, including nearly a decade in the UAE. She has headed departments in several hospitals.

Dr. Riyada has a master’s degree in diabetes education and management from Eton University in the USA. She is interested in research and education and has published 3 papers and also has a fellowship in emergency medicine.

Dr. Riyada is an expert in preventive medicine - a vital part of the fight against diabetes - and has a specific interest in routine health screening and counseling of life style changes in effort to prevent illnesses, like diabetes, before they develop.

She also has an interest in women’s health and obesity, giving special care to her patients in the management of chronic illness, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

Dr. Riyada joined ICLDC in 2017.


  • Diabetes

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