Dr. Sherif El Refee


Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist and Diabetologist

Abu Dhabi

With more than three decades experience, Dr. Sherif El-Refee has been awarded numerous clinical excellence awards by the National Health Service, leading UK medical societies and universities, for his pioneering work across all aspects of children’s diabetes, as well as disorders of growth, puberty and sexual development and other hormonal problems. Indeed, Dr. Sherif's innovative edge has resulted in the development of children’s diabetes service which was rated sixth in a national audit in the UK.

His ability to identify rare conditions led to another career high when Dr. Sherif diagnosed Familial Glucocorticoid Deficiency Type II, a rare hereditary genetic endocrine disorder where the body doesn’t respond enough to the cortisol hormone that’s vital for many bodily functions. The finding was important enough to be published in the industry-acclaimed publication, Nature Genetics. 

For his patients at ICLDC, Dr. Sherif is engaged in special case discussions every day, as well as passing on his skills to the next generation of doctors, through  the ICLDC Education Series. He joined ICLDC in 2015.

Language Spoken: English and Arabic

Speciality: Diabetes Endocrinology Paediatrics

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